PRINT MEDIA: Reproductive Arts Centre

Intaglio Studio School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor Windsor, Canada, 2010 Photo Credit: Jennifer Willet

Reproductive Arts Centre
Dr. Jennifer Willet
2008 – Ongoing

In the School of Visual Arts at The University of Windsor I am working towards the development of an interdisciplinary Reproductive Arts Centre, that will serve as a central hub for the integration of reproductive technologies (analogue, digital, and biological) in all areas of pedagogy and research within the school. This centre will break with conventional models of discipline and specialization from the modernist tradition, and will lead to the successful integration of digital technologies in to all course curriculum.

The Reproductive Arts Centre, will provide facilities and instruction in three areas of reproductive technologies as applied to the fine arts:

Analogue: We will upgrade the existing print facilities (intaglio and lithography) to include photo digital processes with the addition of a dark room to accommodate photo plate making techniques. Additionally, we will work towards better health and safety standards with the implementation of non-toxic protocols, and the proper upgrade of existing facilities to meet industry standards.

Digital: We will implement plans to build an interdisciplinary digital print studio that will be available for use by all students and faculty associated with The School of Visual Arts, increasing utilization of the Lebel MAC lab, and ensuring the integration of digital instruction in all areas of visual arts instruction.

Biological: We will build a new biological art laboratory (INCUBATOR Hybrid Laboratory at the Intersection of Art, Science and Ecology) that will offer research and pedagogical opportunities at the very cutting edge of contemporary art production for students and faculty at all levels. This facility will situate The University of Windsor as the only post-secondary institution in Canada with a wet biological lab in the domain of the fine arts.

The University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada.