Natural Science

Jennifer Willet

Jennifer Willet - NATURAL SCIENCE, Digital Print, 2012

BioARTCAMP was a durational performance/exhibition/conference in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  BioARTCAMP was a collaboration between INCUBATOR Lab and The Banff Centre.  In July 2011, Jennifer Willet hosted twenty artists, scientists, filmmakers, theorists and students who lived and worked for two weeks in Banff National Park building a portable bioart laboratory and conducting a variety of art/science projects in the forest.  This immersive experiment also included an open house Art/Science Fair and BBQ, and academic conference, and produced a documentary film, several unique art/science projects.

In the traveling solo exhibition NATURAL SCIENCE, Willet presents an un-natural history collection; a collection of hundreds of items, life forms, images, and stories resulting from the BioARTCAMP project.  In this collection, traditional hierarchies between what is natural and unnatural are undermined. Lab specimens co-exist within the same taxonomy as natural items collected from Banff National Park, cultural artifacts and human subjects. These objects, in tandem with photographic, video, and archival documentation of the camp attempt to recount the BioARTCAMP experience through non-linear storytelling and serve to re-imagine the role of biotechnology in our shared natural history.

NATURAL SCIENCE was exhibited across Canada at Artcite Inc. (Windsor, 2014) Forrest City Gallery (London, 2015) Harcourt House (Edmonton, 2015) and Open Space Gallery, (Victoria, 2016).  Items from the collection have also been exhibited at The Art Gallery of Windsor (Windsor, 2011), Plug In Gallery (Winnipeg, 2013) WAAG Society (Amsterdam, 2013) the Karsh-Mason Gallery (Ottawa, 2015) and Riddock Art Gallery (Australia, 2016), amongst others.

Video Direction:  Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Derks

BioARTCAMP Participants:  Iain Baxter&, Angus Leech, Tagny Duff, Paul Vanouse, Marta De Menezes, Marie Pier Boucher, Kurt Illerbrun, Bulent Mutus, Jeanette Groenendaal, Zoot Derks, Jennifer Willet, Jamie Ferguson, Britt Wray, Kacie Auffret, David Dowhaniuk.  Additionally, Tokio Webster, Grant Yocom, Louise Baxter&, Joan Linder, Dylan Leech.

Project Assistants: Billie Mclaughlin, Arturo Herrera, Lauren DiVito, Dianne Clinton, Patrick Bodnar, Tokio Webster, Amanda White.

Supporters:  The Canada Council for the Arts, The Banff Centre, the University of Windsor, SSHRC Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Ontario Arts Council, Hostelling International, Parks Canada, Banff National Park, The Art and Genomics Centre at The University of Leiden, Fonds BKVB.